Did you know that your cervix tells a lot about your fertility?  It’s true and our bodies are pretty amazing when you think about it.

The cervix is located within the vagina and can be felt by inserting your (clean) longest finger.  If it seems or uncomfortable awkward at first, just know that with practice you’ll get the hang of it and realize it isn’t a big deal!  The closer your body gets to ovulation, the softer and more open your cervix will become.  EWCM quality is ideal for allowing and assisting sperm to move past the cervix, into the uterus and fallopian tubes.

 If you check your cervical mucus (CM) during your most fertile days, you will likely notice increased CM that is thick and creamy.  Once your body is fully prepared for ovulation, your CM will become clear and stretchy – a quality that is often called “egg-white cervical mucus” (EWCM).


To help you track and better understand your monthly cycle, we have created a very handy pair of charts free for your use to download and print – it’s great for hole punching to keep in your daily planner (may need folding) or for your TTC journey journal!

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