Embryo adoption is a wonderful option for women who are unable to use their own eggs or who are otherwise having difficulty conceiving.  With embryo adoption there is approximately a 50% success rate, which is similar to that of using fresh egg donation.

While it is referred to as “adoption”, embryo adoption is technically governed by ownership law and is not a legal adoption.  The cost of embryo adoption varies by country and embryo matching service but can cost between $2,000 and $15,000 USD.

Embryo adoption is made available from women and couples who have had successful IVF treatments with viable embryos remaining and have generously decided to donate.  Open and anonymous adoption are both available options, so if you are considering embryo adoption you will want to be sure to look into the matching agency’s donor policies.

When this donor option is utilized, the fertility treatment involves frozen embryo transfer (FET) and it is why adopted embryos are often lovingly referred to as “snowflakes” or “snowflake babies” in online support groups.  Advances in the cryopreservation process of embryos has led to higher success rates than previously experienced and therefore more fertility clinics have seen success with FET.

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