What is a fertility clinic?

Fertility clinics utilize the services of reproductive endocrinologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating a variety of fertility issues in order to improve the chances of conception.  There are clinics worldwide, which offer services for some or all of the following treatment options: ICI, IUI, INVOcell, IVF, and FET.  Some clinics provide sperm, egg, or embryo donor options while most utilize cryobanks and will be able to provide a list of such resources upon request.

Is a fertility clinic right for me?

Generally speaking, any woman can go to a fertility clinic for reproductive assistance (although it is important to note that there are still countries and clinics that restrict fertility services to married women).

If you have been trying to conceive at home (ICI) for a year and have been unsuccessful, or if you would like to improve your chances of conception with a more advanced treatment option, a fertility clinic is right for you.

How much does fertility treatment cost?

Cost varies depending on the clinic, the process of diagnosing and treating infertility, and even the country the clinic is performing service in.  America is one of the most expensive countries to receive fertility treatment, while Mexico is one of the least costly.  Medical tourism has increased exponentially over the years and many single women have had great success with fertility clinics abroad, so treatment abroad is worth consideration.

Regardless, fertility treatment can cost anywhere from $350 to $20,000 USD depending on the treatment, not including medication or donors.

Will insurance companies or FSA accounts cover fertility treatment costs?

Insurance: While some countries around the world and some states within America require insurance companies to provide coverage for infertility, many women find they are restricted either due to marital status or insurance policy.  Some insurance companies fully cover fertility treatments and medication, others cover treatment only, some cover only diagnosis and others offer no coverage at all.

To find out whether your insurance will cover fertility treatment, you will need to contact the insurance company itself.  If you have specific tests or blood work you know will need to be performed, get the CPT code(s) from your doctor’s office beforehand – oftentimes, insurance companies will not be able to provide an answer without such codes.

You will also want to ask your insurance company if they require a referral prior to seeking diagnosis or treatment through a fertility clinic.

FSA Account: If you are a single woman in America, your main infertility issue is considered “male factor infertility” and is likely considered a reimbursable Flexible Spending Account (FSA) expense; you will want to contact your FSA representative to confirm and learn what documentation is needed for processing your claim.

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