When trying to conceive,  it is vital to have an understanding of how ovulation works in order to improve fertility and increase chances of conception.  This includes the ins and outs of your monthly cycle and the best methods for tracking it, as well as what to expect during the two weeks after ovulation.

Beginners to the trying to conceive (TTC) process: start here.  This section will provide you with detailed information about all four phases of your monthly cycle.

Cycle tracking is an absolute MUST when trying to conceive and there are several ways to do it.  This section gives tips and recommendations for the best ways to track your monthly cycle and help you on the road to motherhood!

The two week wait (TWW) – a bittersweet time of excitement, hope, worry, doubt, and frustration.  If you are at this point, you likely are wondering what you can do to help implantation, if there are any early signs of pregnancy you can recognize, and of course the biggest question: when will you get that BFP (big fat positive) on your pregnancy test?

To help you track and better understand your monthly cycle, we have created a very handy pair of charts free for your use to download and print – it’s great for hole punching to keep in your daily planner (may need folding) or for your TTC journey journal!

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