Preparing for Baby

Whether you're in the planning stages, or you have already conceived and are working on preparing for your baby's arrival, we know there are two things likely to be on your mind right now: financial security and essential baby items!

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Essential Baby Items

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Financial Security

While all parents must handle financial burdens, as a single mother by choice it is especially important to be financially secure.  Financial planning and budgeting, smart investing, developing multiple sources…

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Along with nutrition, moderate exercise is helpful for keeping yourself and your baby healthy during pregnancy. However, as with your nutritional intake, it is best for you to discuss exercising with your doctor or OBGYN before exercising while pregnant.

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Vitamins and Supplements During Pregnancy

Just as your body’s nutritional needs increase by around 300 additional calories per day while pregnant, your body also needs greater amounts of vitamins to ensure your baby gets all of the nutrients he or she needs to grow and develop.

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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Typically, women who are pregnant need about 300 extra calories a day to maintain a healthy pregnancy, but the quality of those calories are also important.

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