How Ovulation Works

When trying to conceive, it is vital to have an understanding of how ovulation works in order to improve fertility and increase chances of conception. This includes the ins and outs of your monthly cycle and the best methods for tracking it, as well as what to expect during the two weeks after ovulation.

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Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs)

Ovulation kits are another must-have for any woman who is trying to conceive and there are a variety of options, from regular LH test strips to advanced digitalized fertility monitors. Do you know which one is right for you?

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Egg dropped in water to signify the change in cervical mucus before ovulation during a woman's monthly cycle.

Cervical Mucus (CM)

It's a little known fact by most women, but your cervical mucus can tell us a LOT about our monthly cycles - most importantly, it indicates the days we are most fertile.

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Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Basal body temperature (BBT) tracking can be a little tricky, but when done right it will help you understand your body's monthly cycle and timeframe for ovulation.

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The Luteal Phase

The final phase of your monthly cycle is the luteal phase, which is when your body has completed ovulation and is preparing itself for pregnancy.

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Ovulation typically occurs between cycle days 11 and 21 and is when a follicle inside of an ovary releases an egg, which then waits to be fertilized.

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The Follicular Phase

The follicular phase coincides with the menstruation phase and typically occurs between cycle days 1 and 11 of your monthly cycle.

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The first day of your cycle is actually when your true flow of red bleeding (menstruation) begins; if you see brown or pink spotting, then your cycle has not yet begun.

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The Two Week Wait (TWW)

The luteal phase, or better known to women trying to conceive as the two week wait (TWW), is the period of time after ovulation before menstruation unless a woman becomes pregnant. The most frequently asked question during this time is “Are those pregnancy symptoms I’m having, or is that my period getting ready to start?”

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A single woman's calendar signifying the tracking of her monthly cycle while trying to conceive.

Cycle Tracking

Monthly cycle tracking is the most effective ways to increase the likelihood of conception and there are several ways to do it. We recommend using all three methods mentioned below in order to be the most effective.

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