With a multitude of fertility options comes an even greater multitude of donor options for single women trying to conceive – from sperm and egg donors to embryo adoption. 

Online access to cryobanks has improved dramatically over the years, with most cryobanks providing detailed information regarding their donors, the vetting process donors go through, and types of testing each sample undergoes.  Using a cryobank is an option for women working with a fertility clinic and also for women interested in home insemination – do you know what your options are?

Sperm donors is a long lived concept that has helped women and couples for centuries, in one form or another, with the first successful frozen sperm donation leading to live birth in the early 1950s.  Today, there are known donors, open donors, ID release donors and anonymous donors – have you thought about which type works best for you?

The first successful egg donation resulting in a live birth was in the early 1980s and while many women have found success with using an egg donor, it may or may not be your best option financially.

Embryo adoption is another viable donor choice for women who, for whatever reason, are unable to use their own eggs to conceive.  Advancements in cryopreservation has improved the success rate of frozen embryo transfer (FET) over the years, comparable to that of a fresh egg donation – it’s worth looking into!

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